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Mar 20th
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Home Blog The Transformation from Human to Subhuman: Survival inside the Cage
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The Transformation from Human to Subhuman: Survival inside the Cage

Although full contact contests are considered "sports," anyone directly involved with this type of business at the professional level will readily admit that this is not an accurate title.  At the core of areas such as mixed martial arts, there are disciplines in which basic competitions solidify the "sports" concept.  But once a fighter turns professional and steps into the cage, the "sports" aspect of MMA is lost. 

The cage is not a place to compete as much as it is a forum for survival.  MMA combatants, just like all other blood sport warriors, make great sacrifices during training and with life in general.  Self-deprivation of basic life enjoyments like food, recreation, family time and sexual contact are replaced by long days of strenuous exercise, starvation, constant thoughts of self-doubt intermixed with others' predictions of ultimate failure.  These types of self-imposed physical and mental defilements take a toll but are necessities to ensure that the viciousness needed to fight through the fear of failure and physical pain will be sufficient to overcome these obstacles.

This toxic combination, also known as training camp, molds and ultimately reveals the true face of the devil that once stood as a human.  As the fight grows near, the mask is eventually removed and the demon needed to conquer the battle in the cage rears its ugly head. 

This is what it takes.  This is the real face of MMA.

Sergio L. Martinez

 MMA Fighter


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